Spiritual Warfare Part I

One of the most common questions I hear about spiritual warfare is “can Christians be possessed?” 

To answer that question, I think we first have to define “possessed.” When scripture talks about the “demon possessed” it uses two Greek words “daimoni” and “zomai.” 

daimon: demon

zomai: possessed, or under the influence of

so the answer is YES. A Christian CAN be under the influence of a demon!

“We are OWNED BY GOD, but we CAN be under the influence of a demon.”

~Pastor Robert Morris

To get a better grasp on exactly what the Bible says about Christians being in bondage, allow me show you the Free Indeed series by Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church.

These are HANDS DOWN the BEST spiritual warfare sermons, I’ve EVER seen! And btw…

Pentagram circle with candles on wooden floor

Spiritual Warfare Sermons:

The first time I personally came to REALLY know that demons are real, was after a long journey of seeking out the truth about the spiritual realm, in a variety of occult practices.

You see, from the time that I was a young child I knew that I could FEEL a supernatural presence, and I had ONCE even heard an audible voice tell me to do something specific, that had saved my life. But then some Christians that I looked to for guidance, told me with absolute confidence that “God didn’t work that way.” They told me that He didn’t really speak to people, and that the spiritual gifts (like healing/prophesy/miracles) had ceased to be active on the earth, in these modern times.

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