My name is Victoria Nicodemus


My name is Victoria Nicodemus…host of Abide In Hope.

Since this is my “About” page, I think I’ll share with you, a little about myself, and the purpose of this website.

So here goes…

I grew up in a home of angry atheists, with sexual child predators on both sides of the family. Alcoholism, sexual deviance, and a propensity for violence were commonalities, among many of the men I’ve been exposed to.

💜 By the age of 8 years old, I’d been through more trauma than my young mind could process, and had decided to commit suicide. Sexual abuse, poverty, neglect, traumatic events, and isolation had taken their toll, and I was done. However on that day when I’d planned to end my life, I instead encountered the One True God.

The Lord who’d set me apart before the world began, introduced Himself. That afternoon He had a Divine appointment with a broken little girl, on the floor of a dilapidated trailer house in Texas. He then invited me into a relationship with Him, and told me that He LOVED me, and would never leave me.

💞 I’ll never forget the moment He enveloped me with a “peace that surpasses all understanding,” and changed my life forever. I accepted the Lord’s invitation, and began a journey of transformation, that continues even as I write these words.

WELCOME to “Abide In Hope.”

You should know that this is a website about hope, and the relentless love of God. It’s a website I built to chronicle the supernatural encounters that I’ve had with the Lord across the decades, and how our relationship has changed the course of my life, and the person I would become.

If you’d care to listen, I’ll be very transparent with you, sharing just how much I love my Father in Heaven, how grateful I am for the blood of Jesus, and how I couldn’t have survived without the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I will tell you all about how God saved me, this kid that nobody wanted, and then how He’s built my faith into a strong tower, one crazy amazing miracle at a time. 

Victoria Nicodemus

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